Complex solutions. Nanolash – eyelash and eyebrow serum

You probably often ask yourself questions about care of eyelashes and eyebrows. You wonder whether conditioners for eyelashes can be used also for eyebrows. After all, both look identical. You marvel over fact that market is filled with different cosmetics for eyelashes and eyebrows. Can you strengthen lashes and brows with the same product?

Of course, you can! Naturally thick and healthy eyebrows are in the reach of every woman. Just like extra long and defined lashes. There is only one simple step that separates you from sensual and magnetising look. Nanolash proven that amazingly long lashes do not have to be just a dream any more. And so are expressive eyebrows. It is all thanks to one product with complex properties!


  1. Stimulates lashes growth, strengthens, thickens and extends.
  2. Lasts for six months treatment, despite 3 ml capacity.
  3. Consists safe base ingredient that stimulate lashes growth.
  4. It is enriched with natural eyebright extract.
  5. It was never tested on animals.
  6. Application is fast and simple, just like eyeliner.
  7. First effects after few weeks.
  8. It was repeatedly tested.

The greatest quality of this product is that Nanolash eyelash serum is perfect for eyelashes and eyebrows at the same time!

Until now, purchase of various cosmetics for each body part was normal. After all, for each problem, there is different solution. On the one hand we fight for long lashes, that would not require mascara or extensions. On the other hand, we want expressive, full and trimmed eyebrows. It seems like you have to choose two different cosmetics if problems are two as well. Nothing more wrong than that! Separate conditioner for eyelashes and eyebrows is not necessity any more. The time of using two different serums is over.

Complex properties!

Human eyebrows and eyelashes are similar to each other. They even look identical. There is no reason for not taking care of them in the same way. In the anatomical manner, eyelash and eyebrow are built exactly the same. From rooted in the follicles bulbs grow hair. You probably noticed that eyelashes and eyebrows look exactly the same. Much shorter and thinner than those on the head. For this reason Nanolash eyelash serum can be applied also on eyebrows. This brand knows that problems of both come down to one common cause.

Complex of natural ingredients was developed, so that Nanolash’s formula effectively support hair of all types. In order to effectively strengthen and improve condition of both, you have to undertake the same approach. The most important is to deliver essential active substances directly to the follicles. Nanolash consists of precise brush, same as in eyeliners. Colourless and semi liquid serum should be applied on upper lashes line. However, in case of eyebrows, Nanolash serum has to be administer, so that its thin brush reach every bulb. After all, the most important is to deliver stimulating growth substance where it is necessary.

Save space, time and money!

One piece of Nanolash eyelash serum costs 59 USD. The treatment is expected to last even up to six months. However, with use of serum also on eyebrows, the time of treatment can slightly shorten. It is inevitable that product will finish a little bit faster. One way or another, cost of strengthening treatment for eyelashes and eyebrows with Nanolash serum is about 11 USD a month. It is not much for such a complex properties. We spend much more on waxes and eyebrow pencils. If Nanolash eyelash serum is used on daily bases, eyelashes and eyebrows will darken, become stronger and more expressive. You do not have to buy additional cosmetics for conditioning or make-up.

You gain money, but also time. Mostly, the time you would have to spend on going to dragstores or searching through the online shops to find the best cosmetic. Nanolash eyelash serum is at our doorstep, two days after ordering it. What is more, we have one product for two problems. You can save time dedicated to application, because Nanolash on eyelashes and eyebrows takes no more than a minute each evening. Additionally, it fits in every cosmetic bag and does not take to much space. One product for two issues means more space for other favourite products.


Nanolash eyelash serum combines active substances for stimulation of lashes growth and natural soothing extracts. Method of application ensures fast action at the source, so first effects are visible after few weeks. Period of intense extension, thickening and dense of lashes depends on individual predisposition of the organism. Eyelash serum Nanolash can be applied also on eyebrows in order to provide them with thickness and darkening. Nanolash can be purchased on the official site of the manufacturer in the regular price or in a lower price if more than one piece is bought.