How to Protect Face Skin in the Office and Why It’s So Essential?

Do you know that air-conditioning, fluorescent lamps and floor coverings have an effect on the look of your skin? Dust and dry air don’t make its condition any better either. Learn how to condition your skin if you spend eight hours a day in an office.

Office worker’s skincare guide

1. Use a protective and moisturizing cream.

Before entering the office always pat a good moisturizer on the face. Ideally, use lightweight emulsions. A deeply hydrating cream is great because air conditioning takes hydration out of the skin. The face will be perfectly moisturized without unhealthy shine.

Hyaluronic acid is a very good hydrating substance whose molecules can bind even 250 water molecules. Choose a fine face serum based on low molecular weight HA and you won’t be bothered by the detrimental effect of air-conditioning on the skin. Just remember to always apply a moisturizer after the serum.

2. Is there a moisturizer that shields skin against the dust?

Effective protection is provided by anti-pollution products. This is a quite new innovation made for answering the needs of skin in the city. Anti-pollution moisturizers are advanced formulations that aim to protect skin against the dust, toxins and pollutants. If you work in a place with lots of dust, an anti-pollution moisturizer is your powerful weapon for getting flawless skin which isn’t affected by pollutants.

3. Use sunblock.

Sunblock for the office? Yes, it’s essential. Make sure your moisturizer has a minimum 15 SPF. Shockingly, fluorescent lamps have a bad effect on your complexion. Sunscreen shields the skin against damage and makes it resistant to the activity of free radicals. Note that “day and night creams”usually lack a sun protection filter. Avoid them or use them under SPF-enriched moisturizer.

4. Foundation is like a shield.

Make-up foundation is an extra protective layer against the dust, artificial light and blue light emitted by the screens. Modern-day foundations are enriched with substances that condition the skin, add elasticity, improve the condition of skin and its appearance. Foundation protects against damage and dryness. Ideally, choose a radiance-boosting product because mattifying cosmetics may dry out skin in the office.

5. Prevent skin irritations.

Even your working environment can cause them! If your skin is constantly exposed to air-conditioning or you sit beside the window, you should definitely reach out for a UV filter – sun rays penetrate the windows! – and anti-pollution moisturizers. Additionally, whenever you feel the skin is tired, get thermal water and spray it all over the face. Tip: dry the face after two minutes from spraying the water to relieve the skin instead of making it drier.

6. Artificial tears to relieve tired eyes.

Staying in the office in front of computer screens isn’t good for the eyes. To protect and relieve them, use so-called artificial tears any time the eyes feel strained and dry. If the eyes feel gritty, this is a signal they need a hydration boost.