DIY – Make Your Own Eyeliner with Activated Carbon

Sometimes because of need, passion or just by accident we become manufacturers of home made cosmetics. Our own creams, hand made conditioners and hair masks, lip balms with vegetable oils and beloved by all women sugar scrubs – those are all products easy to make. However, is it possible to create home made make-up cosmetics?

Thanks to bloggers and vloggers with specialisation in make-up, we start to believe that there is no product that couldn’t be hand made. Skilful fans of DIY can create their own perfumes, so it is probably possible to make make-up cosmetics as well. By trial and error and by deriving from Internet manuals it is worth to experiment a little with whatever you have, for instance in the kitchen. Let us introduce simple recipe for home made gel eyeliner.

What do you need?

  • 2 tea spoons of natural coconut oil (best unrefined),
  • 4 tea spoons of aloe gel (available in the Internet shops),
  • 2 capsules of activated carbon (available in every pharmacy),
  • half of tea spoon of powder cocoa (instead of carbon for mild brown colour).

How to make home made eyeliner?

Home made eyeliner is a guarantee of only natural ingredients, safe for sensitive eyes. Base for DIY eyeliner is coconut oil, which in room temperature has a consistency of wax. Cold pressed and unrefined oil will be best, but you can always use food coconut oil. Melt it over water steam and add to it aloe gel (it provides additional moisturising properties) and natural colourant. Accordingly to your needs, use crumbled activated carbon for deep black colour of eyeliner or powder cocoa for more brown shade. After mixing all the ingredients, pour created mass into the airtight packaging and store in the cold place. Home made eyeliner with activated carbon or cocoa has the same properties as classical cosmetic, but gives you certainty of entirely natural composition and safe formula.