Easier Hair Colouring With ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips!

Easier Hair Colouring With ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips!
ColorCuts, a Maltese producer of hairdressing accessories, is a brand valued by professionals and trusted by thousands of hair salons worldwide. The effective and easy-to-use products work well in every hair salon and streamline the workflow of the entire team. Modern hairdressing accessories should facilitate achieving the most fashionable colouring techniques and be compatible with all colouring products.

ColorCuts brand stands for caring for the environment, sustainable production and raising standards on the hairdressing accessories and equipment market. It responds to the needs of hairdressers who are looking for technologically advanced and eco-friendly equipment for their salons.

Highlighting Foam Strips are a revolution in the hairdressing market. The high-tech, unique materials are 80% recycled and provide a practical solution appreciated by professionals from all over the world. The strips are extremely soft and adapt to the hand during colour application. The result? Faster and more comfortable work and more spectacular colourings.

ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips – are they worth the hype?

highlighting foam strips

Hair colouring can be a total image makeover. Each procedure should be individually tailored, unique and enjoyable. Highlighting Foam Strips allow you to create all the most fashionable hairstyles and impress your clients. Replace ordinary aluminium foil with a specialised and versatile accessory for colouring and highlighting, making your work quick and efficient.

Highlighting Foam Strips, made from a lightweight and thermal  material, are easy to use and suitable for all hair colouring techniques. The unique coating of the strips optimises the temperature of the hair and provides 100% control over the colour change process. No risk of overheating the hair. The strips are glue-free, but they get a grip in contact with colouring products. The sticky surface prevents the strips from slipping off the hair during the colouring process. Highlighting Foam Strips are reusable – you can wash them and their effectiveness remains unchanged! One pack lasts up to 800 uses. No more rustling and mess – swap your regular aluminium foil for the unique thermal Highlighting Foam Strips. The strips guarantee safe colouring without the risk of damage.

What can you gain?

  • 200 ready to use, multicoloured strips
  • Convenient rectangular shape
  • 100% control over the hair colouring process
  • Half the colouring time
  • Optimal hair temperature during colouring
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly accessory
  • Zero risk of damage or irritation

Learn more about the product: www.colorcuts.mt.