Eyelash lift and lamination kits. Check out the ranking and choose the best set for yourself!

Long and beautiful eyelashes are like a business card for every woman. They perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes and give them depth. However, few people have been blessed with naturally beautiful eyelashes that do not require much effort. Then, lash lift and lamination kits work great. Check out our ranking and choose the best product for yourself!

Eyelash lift and lamination – what are they?

When hearing these terms for the first time, many women do not fully understand what lash lift and lamination are. The effects they provide bring out maximum beauty from natural eyelashes. These treatments have been known for many years, but only recently have they gained popularity under these names.

What is a lash lift? This treatment involves giving eyelashes a long-lasting curl. This is possible thanks to using the right ingredients, which increase the resilience of the lashes and then give them the right shape.

What does eyelash lamination consist of? This treatment also aims to bring out their curl. In addition, it allows to darken the lashes and nourish them significantly. This makes the eyelashes much healthier and more resilient.

Women are increasingly opting for these treatments, as following the lash lift and lamination, eyelashes look beautiful and, most importantly, natural. They are visibly darker, thicker, and curlier. In addition, they hold mascara much better, making it easier to apply makeup both on a daily basis and before special occasions.

Ranking of DIY lash lift and lamination kits

If you are planning to buy a professional lash lamination kit, the following ranking will certainly help you. When preparing it, such aspects as the difficulty of the lamination, the performance time, the durability of the effects, the formulas of the products, as well as their price were considered. As a result, it was possible to find the best and most cost-effective sets for laminating eyelashes. The ranking includes 7 interesting sets that can help bring out the maximum beauty from your natural lashes.

1. Nanolash lash lift and lamination kit

Nanolash Lash Lift Kit is an excellent choice for any woman. It contains everything you need to lift and laminate your eyelashes. Clear instructions are also part of this kit, making it trivial to perform the lamination at home. The kit provides spectacular and very long-lasting results that last up to 8 weeks.

nanolash the best lash lift kit

Nanolash Lash Lift Kit will be a great investment for any woman who wants to bring out the best from her lashes. The contents of the kit are enough for as many as 10 applications. The set includes silicone rods that can be trimmed to fit the eyelid size, and a set of products to apply to the lashes. It inlcudes, among other products, a keratin booster, allowing to nourish the lashes and give a whole new shine.

Thanks to the right combination of ingredients, following the lamination, the eyelashes will look great and healthy for a long time. Among them, there are lanolin that prevents water evaporation, olive oil, and avocado and grape seed oils. These ingredients ensure proper nourishment of the eyelashes, as well as improving their suppleness. Abyssinian oil and coconut oil boost shine, additionally protecting the eyelashes from the negative impact of sun rays.

Another great advantage of set package is not only the results – the lashes become lifted, fuller, and visibly thickened. This kit for at-home eyelash lamination is also distinguished by its price. Considering that the kit lasts for as many as 10 applications, it is really affordable.

As a result, this purchase saves a lot on beauty treatments.

2. Elleebana Lash Lift – lash lift starter kit

Elleebana Lash Lift is a high-end eyelash lift kit. Its price is due, among other things, to the fact that this kit contains supplies for as many as 15 applications. When performing lash lifts one after the other, the products are sufficient for up to 60 laminations. Therefore, this option is better suited for beauty salons.

This professional eyelash lamination kit allows you to achieve great results also at home. What makes up the Elleebana Lash Lift kit? The kit includes 15 pairs of sachets with activator and neutralizer, glue with a brush, silicone rods, metal applicator, foam remover, and a short illustrated instruction manual. In this way, it is possible to laminate eyelashes at home quickly, which will provide lasting results like from a beauty salon.

However, the product is not free of flaws. First of all, the manufacturer does not specify the formulas, as is the case with the Nanolash kit. In addition, the Elleebana brand declares that there is no need to avoid the pool or swimming following the lamination. This can be misleading. Indeed, most eyelash artists advise that you should refrain from such activities for at least 24 hours following the lamination. This can bring out the best results, as well as improve durability.

3. Thuya eyelash lift kit

Designed to lift eyelashes, the kit from the Thuya brand stands out from the competition in certain ways. According to the manufacturer, the permanent gel, which is used to curl the eyelashes, is also supposed to help combat unruly eyebrows.

It is supposed to enable making them straight and giving them the desired shape easily in one go.

Above all, however, it is a complete kit that allows you to lift your eyelashes. The effects include bringing out a better curl from the natural eyelashes, as well as making them shinier and darker.

The kit includes permanent gel, liquid neutralizer, lifting glue, silicone rods, and a wooden pick. By performing an eyelash lift at home using this kit, you can expect the results to last from 6 to 8 weeks as standard.

4. MIYA LASH Keratin Lash Lift Kit

MIYA LASH Keratin Lash Lift Kit is a set that is meant to impress with both a curling and lifting effect, as well as making the lashes darker. It’s the perfect choice for women who want their lashes to look like those shown off by TV celebrities.

At-home eyelash lamination using this set is quite simple and looks similar to other kits. In addition, it does not take too long. The products that allow lifting and laminating eyelashes include: glue, cleanser, conditioning serum, silicone rods, various brushes, and a fixing lotion.

Following the lash lift performed with this kit, the eyelashes are visibly curled and darker. Therefore, this is not a choice for every woman. However, if you care about getting durably and visibly laminated eyelashes, the effect will certainly appeal to you. 

5. Zola’s Protein Reconstruction System for eyebrows and eyelashes

The product from Zola is the most minimalist of all the sets. What sets it apart is its contents and how long it takes to laminate eyelashes with it. Inside the set, you won’t find accessories such as silicone rods, brushes, or picks. Instead, it consists of three numbered formulas with applicators. 

For this reason, the kit won’t allow for a full step-by-step lash lift. Instead, you can count on less durable, but quick results. The products are applied to the lashes in the same way as mascara. The whole process requires applying them to the lashes and washing off the residues with water after a certain amount of time.

Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for women who care about achieving the desired look quickly and with little effort. Nevertheless, it has its drawbacks. When you decide to use this kit to lift and laminate your eyelashes, you have to know that the effect won’t last for weeks like in the case of the other kits in the ranking.

6. RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

Next up is the RefectoCil Eyelash Lift for at-home eyelash lift. The whole kit comes in an elegant makeup bag containing everything needed for this treatment. What can be found in it?

As in competing kits: reusable silicone rods and lifting formulas. In addition, the brand also offers mini cosmetic bowls and brushes as part of the lift and lamination set. This ensures that you really don’t need anything else to perform the lash lift, but only a spare moment of time.

The silicone rods that come in this kit are available in three sizes. This allows you to adjust them to the desired effects and length of the eyelashes. The smaller the rod, the stronger the curl. 

7. Fleeky Lashlift Kit

The next product on the list is the Fleeky Lashlift Kit. This at-home eyelash lamination kit, like its competitors, includes a set of silicone rods of different sizes. Moreover, it is made up of products that allow you to bring out the beautiful and natural look from any eyelashes in just four steps. You can perform them by yourself or organize a girls’ night in with your friends.

This kit designed for laminating eyelashes is available in two versions. The only difference between them is the price and the amount of products. The smaller one, according to the manufacturer, is enough for 2 to 4 applications. The larger one enables 5 to 10 treatments.

This professional lash lift kit is said to provide results for 8 weeks and is created with dermatologically tested ingredients. The manufacturer further assures that it can be used regardless of lash length.

Eyelash lift and lamination at home – what to follow when choosing your kit?

Each woman, when choosing a kit for lifting her eyelashes, should be guided by personal preferences and match it to her eyelashes. It is best to consider your budget, expected results, durability, or how often you plan to laminate your lashes. 

To be 100% sure of the eyelash lamination kit you choose, it’s also a good idea to read a lot of materials about them. Internet reviews, photos taken by users who were happy with their choice, and a thorough analysis of the formulas is a must. You can also learn a lot by familiarizing yourself with the brand and learning where the ingredients it uses come from.

What is most important is that each of the above lash lamination kits provides satisfactory results and can be used at home.

Applying the products is simple and can become a pleasure and part of a regular self-care routine. For any woman who plans to lift and laminate her eyelashes often, the kit is a great way to save a considerable amount of money on beauty salon appointments. However, it is important to remember that lash lift and lamination should be repeated regularly to maintain their effects for a long time.