How to improve skin resilience? Ultimune od Shiseido

Ultimune from Shiseido has two cosmetics, which support skin immunity. Those are Power Infusing Concentrate and eye cream Power Infusing Eye Concentrate. They were developed based on many years of research on autoimmune system of the skin.

Ultimune cosmetics from Shiseido are dedicated for all skin types and women in every age. Main purpose of those cosmetics is to deliver nourishing ingredients deep into the skin structure and to protect skin cells against harmful substances from the external world. Why is it so important? While performing tests at Shiseido factory, it was discovered that skin cells immunity lowers with age. Links between them deteriorate, collagen and elastin levels lower, regeneration ability of skin decreases. At the same time skin is much more liable to pollution, sun radiation, but also to some of the substances in cosmetics, drugs and processed food.

Serum Power Infusing Concentrate from Shiseido consists of tone up and moisturising properties. Thanks to content of natural substances skin looks younger and prettier. Links between cells are tighten, skin equalised, face oval improved and skin isn’t liable to harmful external factors. Serum Power Infusing Concentrate should be applied in the morning and in the evening on cleansed skin. Small amount is enough for the application. Apply cosmetic on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and massage face in a circular motion.

Eye cream Power Infusing Eye Concentrate smooths puffiness and reduces dark circles around the eyes. It also reduces crow’s feet, dry skin and spots, which may appear after long sunbath. Skin around the eyes becomes brighter, more nourished and regenerated. Eye cream Power Infusing Eye Concentrate from Shiseido should be applied twice a day, right after face cleanse. Apply cosmetic with your fingertips on the upper and lower eyelid and then tap it in with a slight massage.