How to look good without make-up?

Beautiful and natural. That is how every woman imagines her skin, without use of any make-up cosmetics. Some of them need only light cream and regular cleanse. Check below, what you can do to look good without make-up.

Trimmed eyebrows are base for beautiful look. Brow ridges should be slightly highlighted and modelled. Don’t overdo with shades or gel, or brows will look fake, and that’s an effect which won’t suit your face. Eyebrows regulation is equally important. Do not remove too many hair – this season brow ridges have to be expressive and natural. If you intend on use of henna, match its colour with the colour of hair in your eyebrows. Remember that correctly regulated brow ridges give character to your face.

Smooth skin without visible pores, pimples or discolourations is another important matter. If you care about natural look, remember about regular exfoliation. Some peeling or scrub can help with small wrinkles, discolourations and dead skin cells of epidermis. Perfect will be peelings with content of natural ingredients. Where can you buy such product? Look for them in herbalist’s shops or pharmacies.

Skin without discolourations and even complexion is a dream of many women. Those ladies for whom Mather Nature wasn’t so generous with this kind of skin have to take care of it themselves. Use cosmetics in various shades: concealers, highlighters and blushers. You will need some self-tanner – use it in minimal amounts. You may find helpful some cosmetic treatments: highlighting with AHA acids or vitamin C, chemical or herbal peels.

Curled and slightly emphasised lashes are also an indicator of natural look. You do not have to use lengthening or thickening mascara to be pretty. All you need to do is curl lashes in a eyelash curler and apply on them some petroleum jelly. This cosmetic will provide them with some gloss and nourishment. What is more, petroleum jelly stimulates lashes growth on their length and volume.

Protection of skin against sun radiation should be inseparable element of everyday skin care. Especially, when you care about natural and beautiful look. Before you start your sunbath, apply sunscreen. The best would be SPF 50, despite of skin type, age or sex. Search for protective cosmetics which will consist of other properties as well: matte, nourishment or anti-wrinkle.