How to take care of your eyelashes? Daily lash care routine step by step

Without a bit of care, eyelashes fall out, crumble and are short. If we want to emphasize their natural beauty, we must begin to take care of the health of our eyelashes consciously. How to do it?

There are many ways to protect and take care of your lashes. Each of the methods is important at a certain care stage. Not only the cosmetics we use are important, but also how we treat eyelashes. Here are the most important rules for taking care of these delicate hairs. It’s worth following the principles on a daily basis.

✓ Nourishment 

Lashes need vitamins and minerals to grow. Their health translates to good looks thus, it is advisable to take care of proper moisture level, nourishment and regeneration. The bulbs need to be stimulated because their condition has an influence on the lash growth pace. By using eyelash serums or oils, we deliver nutrients directly to the bulbs. However, you cannot forget that a well-balanced diet is also very important. 

✓ Thickening 

Beautiful eyelashes are those that are long, thick and thick. They delight with volume and do not need mascara to be a perfect complement to the make-up. Strengthening and nourishing eyelashes is not enough. You need a cosmetic that will stimulate their growth and make them thick, strong and long in a short period of time. Professional eyelash serums are perfect for this task. All you need is one application each evening.

✓ Makeup 

When it comes to makeup, there are two solutions – it can either enhance our best features or emphasise flaws. Mismatched, improperly used, too heavy or out-of-date make-up cosmetics can weaken eyelashes, can accelerate their loss, increase brittleness. How to avoid this? First of all, do not overuse water-resistant mascaras, their ingredients overburden lashes, they stick and weaken them. It is definitely better to choose mascaras with conditioning ingredients.

✓ Makeup removal 

Cleansing the face and eyes of dirt and make-up is the most important step in every beauty routine, and yet most often overlooked. Remember that thorough make-up removal is crucial because it allows the eyelashes to rest from the weight of the mascara and regenerate during sleep. The contaminants remaining on the eyelids could hamper the effect of the eyelash serum, which is why it is so important to make friends with a makeup remover liquid.