How to use blow-dryer to not damage hair?

It is widely discussed how harmful can be blow-dryer for hair, however it shouldn’t be entirely demonised as a drying method. There is no doubt that if we only can we should dry hair in natural way, without the help of hot air. In case when we don’t have any other choice and blow-dryer is the only way, it can be used. It is worth to know how to use blow-dryer, so it wouldn’t damage hair.

1. Before blow-dryer use a towel to dry hair

The least water in hair the shorter you will have to dry them. It will transfer into lower risk of damaging hair with high temperature and dry air. So, before you will reach for blow-dryer, gather excess water with towel, which absorbs water well, cotton t-shirt or paper towel.

2. Comb out the hair before drying

You should never dry hair before combing them out. However, for combing you should also have right accessories. Do not comb out wet hair with a hair brush. Much better will be a wide-tooth comb made out of wood or other natural and subtle material.

3. Dry with cold or slightly warm air

The most important in use of blow-dryer is limiting the amount of hot air. If you dry your hair, then best to do it with cold or warm air. Avoid high temperatures, because it can damage hair. Remember about keeping blow-dryer on certain distance from hair.

4. Protect hair with protective preparation

Use of proper cosmetics during hair drying is extremely important, because it will allow to protect hair against hot air. In shops you can also find preparations, which ensure thermal protection by creation of protective layer on hair. It is mostly helpful for ends, so the hot air won’t dry them and cause split ends.

5. Dry hair in the direction of their growth

Equally important is to properly dry hair. If you want to avoid hair damage and won’t cause the cuticles to open then dry streaks according to their growth direction, i.e. from roots to ends. Dry hair closer to the scalp, and allow ends to dry on their own.