Lovely Hair Within Your Reach! How to Make It Better?

You’re seeking ways to make your hair stronger so we guess you’re unhappy about the condition and look of your hairdo. There are lots of factors that have a bad effect on the hair structures and consequently cause damage. Thankfully, there are also plenty of ways to reverse some changes and strengthen the hair so that it is your asset, anywhere and anytime.

Similarly to other products of the epidermis, hair needs proper conditions and nutrients to grow and have strong structures which are more resistant to damage, hair loss, etc. Many women, just like you, dream of a healthy head of hair that looks stunning. Unfortunately, few of them actually have it. That is why today’s post rounds up the causes of weak hair and the tips to make it stronger with the right washing technique, for example. Keep reading!

Why is my hair in a bad condition? See possible causes below.

Hair is an essential element of the human body. Its main function is protecting the body against the environment through preventing the change of temperature, physical damage or UV. If you’ve noticed your hair’s been getting worse, see possible causes:

  • Heat styling: coloring, straightening, curling, styling in general. These examples show that you can cause damage while simply changing a hairstyle. So, cut down on hot tools, your hair will be happier.
  • Stressful life: unfortunately, negative emotions do have an impact on the body. Chronic stress triggers hormonal imbalance, which may lead to hair falling out in excess and generally worse condition of hair.
  • Single-food diet or starvation diet: this is another thing among top factors making the condition of hair much worse. Improper eating habits lead to nutritional deficiencies and insufficient amounts of essential nutrients.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: this doesn’t apply to all women but some of them struggle with hair loss and generally bad hair while they’re pregnant or nursing.

How to care for hair at home?

How can you strengthen your hair? First things first! Wash it as often as you think it’s necessary. Some women do it every day while others can do it just once a week. Remember that shampoos are mostly designed for the scalp. Hair-conditioning effect is just an extra benefit.

The technique of hair washing matters a lot. Avoid tugging and rubbing as much as you can. While wet, hair is most exposed to physical damage and consequently to hair loss. The hair cuticles open because of water so it’s easier to cause damage to the hair. The temperature is important as well: ideally you should choose neither too hot nor too cold water. Cold water doesn’t allow thorough cleansing while heat causes damage to the hair shaft and stimulates sebum glands leading to excessive oil production.

Do you want stronger hair? Focus on the essentials. A healthy lifestyle and proper hair-care routine have a great effect on the appearance and health of hair. If you’re still worried about the condition of your hair, a doctor’s consultation might be a good idea.