New cosmetics collection from Estee Lauder – Resilience Lift

Estee Lauder launched new line of face care cosmetics – Resilience Lift. In this new line we can find: radiance oil, face and neck cream with SPF 15, eye cream and tinted compact cream. All products can be recognised by light pink jars and bottles with golden tops. Only cream-foundation has blue box.

Cosmetics from Resilience Lift Estee Lauder line are dedicated for women with mature skin with first ageing signs – wrinkles, spots, discolourations. All of the products were clinically tested and according to the manufactures they shouldn’t lead to acne or blackheads. Their main task is to moisturise and give the best skincare. Such impact is closely connected with overall improvement of skin condition, smoothing the wrinkles and brighting of the discolourations at a later point in time. Estee Lauder cosmetics ensure unification of skin colouration and skin lift. They contribute to proper renewal of collagen and elastin levels in deeper layers of the epidermis. Furthermore, they reduce dark circles and puffiness around eyes, protect skin against sunlight radiation and pollution.

Creams as well as oil from Resilience Lift line should be applied on cleansed and dry skin of the face. You can apply them twice a day: in the morning before make-up and in the evening after scrub and facial mask. Small amount of the product (eye cream, oil or face cream) apply on the skin and in circular motion massage it until its absolute absorption. You can additionally perform massage of eyes area and forehead area to challenge blood circulation in skin cells, smoother skin and fasten absorption of nourishing ingredients contained in cosmetics.

The thing looks slightly different when it comes to the Resilience Lift cream foundation from Estee Lauder. This product can easily replace standard foundation, because it covers imperfections and helps in the unification of skin colouration in very similar way. It is locked in the blue compact box. Inside we find mirror, cosmetic and applicator placed just underneath it. Cream is available in four shades: Linen, Ivory Beige, Pale Almond and Biscuit. It was clinically tested, so there shouldn’t appear blackheads while cream still being friendly for sensitive and allergic skin. What is more, cream is protecting face from sunlight radiation thanks to SPF 15.