Strengthening serum Rapidlash. How does it influence eyelashes?

Very good effects in everyday lash care are produced by eyelash serums. They foster natural methods such as oiling or lash strengthening with petroleum jelly. Which eyelash-focusing beauty products are recommended the most frequently? One of the most often tested is Rapidlash.

Falling out of lashes is a natural process, which is a fact many people aren’t aware of. We don’t even notice this happening because in the place of every fallen out lash, there is a new, healthy and full of vitality baby lash growing. The problem starts when eyelashes fall out excessively or when they are weakened to such an extent that become brittle and break during, for example, coating them with a mascara or removing the colour cosmetics. What should be done in this situation?

Coming to eyealsh rescue: Serum

A great way to strengthen eyelashes and prevent them from excessive falling-out is regular application of an eyelash serum. We have to choose just one product among the hundreds available on the market, keep applying it to the eyelash line every evening and after a few weeks we are supposed to notice improvement in eyelash condition. Of course, the general appearance enhancement of lashes also follows.

If we want to be certain that an eyelash serum will deliver maximum effects, we should remember about two crucial issues which influence the product’s action:

a. a serum has to be applied systematically (every day),
b. eyelid skin area has to be precisely cleansed and degreased.

Rapidlash – About the product

One of the most willingly tested eyelash serums is Rapidlash, which is supposed to reduce brittleness of lashes, boost volume, nourish, maintain moisture level and even darken and improve elasticity of the hair around eyes. Undauntedly, the effects may differ which is connected with eyelash reaction to the product’s substances.

The serum is based on an synthetic ingredient, Hexatein 1 Complex, which in this case has the most intensive action. Obviously, Rapidlash eyelash serum is not just one ingredient. It contains also biotin, pantothenol, alanine, pumpkin seed oil, glycerine and even soy oil. The composition is rich, however, it’s worth analysing it before buying to find out whether the cosmetic doesn’t contain any allergic substances (many people are allergic to soy, for example).

The eyelash serum goes with a standard, thin brush. Thanks to this applicator, it’s easier to distribute Rapidlash along eyelash base so it can penetrate deep into skin and work from the inside. The condition that determines winning satisfactory effects is regularity and precision.