5-rule healthy lash guide

What should you make to enjoy stunning and long eyelashes? It appears that there is much to be done. What in particular? Here is what! Learn 5 rules that will help you get these beautiful, healthy and full-looking eyelashes you have always wanted to have!


Today you know that the most important thing about every beauty product is the formula. Therefore, if you wish to have stunning lashes, check what you coat them with. The number of mascara products available on the market is countless. Among them you can fish out the ones made up of quality ingredients. Not only do such mascaras define your lashes in a nice way but also make the lashes stronger and nourished. There are also mascaras promoting lash growth. Such mascaras offer the highest level lash care because instead of commonly-used nylon, they are formulated for example with arginine and panthenol, and instead of synthetic pigments they contain natural ones.


As a lash curler lifts your eyelashes in a snap, it damages the hair equally “impressively” fast by breaking the lashes. Additionally, lash curlers aren’t safe to use. How many times have you burnt yourself while using this tool? This can cause serious allergic reactions and wounds that are reluctant to heal.

Undoubtedly, lash extensions give you dramatic effects within just a few moments. Sadly, this method doesn’t serve the lashes well either because the adhesive used for the procedure is: firstly, a synthetic substance; secondly, it may cause allergic reactions; thirdly, dehydrates and damages the eyelashes while you take the falsies off.

Therefore, for the sake of healthy and strong eyelashes, you should resign both from lash extensions and invasive lash curler.


Have you ever counted how many times you rub the eyes throughout a day? This makes a several occasions on which you can weaken and even pull out some lashes. Therefore, try your best not to rub the eyelashes and keep the hands off the eyes. Also, try not to rub the eyelashes while taking off makeup. If you do this forcefully, you considerably damage not only the lashes but also their follicles. Additionally, stretching the eye skin often speeds up the appearance of crow’s feet.


Apart from applying the right and safe makeup removing techniques, there are more issues that are equally important – you have to bear them in mind if you want to enjoy lovely lashes. What also matters are the products used to take off the mascara coats. Therefore, your next makeup remover should handle two tasks: protect the lashes and make them stronger. To achieve both, such product has to be formulated with potent plant extracts. In light of this, the next time you shop for a makeup remover, try to find a product that contains cornflower extract, is hypoallergenic, proven and free from parabens and silicones. Best, if infused with soothing aloe or thermal water.


Eyelash serum is a cosmetic that resembles an eyeliner – a tiny brush hidden in a slender bottle. Even application is similar to putting on an eyeliner because you have to run the bristle along upper and lower roots of lashes to draw an invisible line (the product doesn’t have any color). There is no need to apply it more that once a day. You will achieve the desired results if you keep applying eyelash serum at bedtime. The eyelash serum penetrates skin and reaches the follicles where it extends the lash growing phase. This means that lashes have more time to regenerate and get prettier, they grow healthier too. Eyelash serum can give you even 3 times thicker and 2 times longer eyelashes that are 100% healthy and stronger. Easy to use and satisfying various needs of lashes, eyelash serum has taken beauty industry by a storm. Do you already have your favorite eyelash serum? Check reviews and rankings to choose the right one.