Argan oil – what is the price of a priceless product?

Natural oils are currently experiencing a second youth. Suddenly, the cosmetic market offers a diversity of products with various prices ranging from very cheap ones to rather expensive. In consequence, it is very hard to decide which one to buy to benefit from it and not only waste money.

When browsing through many online forums and shops, we often encounter expressions like a “massive sale”, “hit range”, ‘bargain’ or “total clearance”. Sometimes, such encouragement leads us to purchase a product, which unfortunately, appears not to be 100% pure oil. Its effects are not so spectacular, as we expected and as a result we become sceptic towards the product. ‘It is not for me’, ‘it does not work well for me’… meanwhile, the blame should not burden the oil, but the dishonest seller who sold us not pure argan oil, but a blend of essential oils. They actually cannot interact not only with each other, but also with the porosity of our hair. For example, if you have hair of medium porosity and your argan oil contains a significant mixture of peanut oil – you can take it for granted that the hair will not be moisturised and silky, but rough and frizzy. This happens because peanut oil is recommended for hair with low porosity. Its tiny particles too quickly penetrate into your hair and do not provide any protective layer.

Meanwhile, argan oil is the best choice you can make when it comes to purchasing natural beauty products. It is suitable for most of the hair types on the basis that it is very rare to find people with very thick and heavy hair (low porosity), or extremely exhausted, dry and thin (high porosity). The vast majority of the world has hair of medium porosity. This type is classified somewhere between heavy, difficult to style, and the dried and fragile ones. Argan oil is intended for such hair.

How to find the best argan oil and how much should it cost?

Certainly, it will not be very cheap. The process of its obtaining is very expensive. Therefore, we need dozens kilograms of argan nuts to produce 1 litre of this precious oil.

The best solution is to look for oils among those companies that are gaining positive feedback on the Internet. Additionally, you must be ware of suspicious bargains and sales or too low prices.

All things considered, one has to conclude that it is definitely worth investing in argan oil. Even though it is expensive, it is also very efficient and lasts several months.

Good luck!