Check If You Also Make These 6 Popular Hair Washing Mistakes

We wash our hair a few times a week and most of us do it mindlessly. Have you ever wondered if you do it the right way? You probably wince now and think hair washing is so easy. Surprisingly, there are some popular mistakes that most of us make. Check if you do too. By reading on you will learn to wash your tresses like a pro.

6 most popular mistakes while washing hair

Mistake 1
You apply shampoo directly on the scalp.

Do you apply shampoo directly on the scalp? It’s the first big mistake. It may lead to irritations and dandruff. The correct procedure is as follows: you need to get some shampoo on the hand palms and mix it with water and then you can put the mixture on the scalp. By doing so, you lessen the possible harsh effect of the shampoo and also make sure the entire scalp is evenly covered.

Mistake 2
You scrub the scalp.

Washing the scalp should be more like a massage rather than scrubbing and scratching. We should gently massage the scalp to make sure it’s fully clean, plus we don’t end up with tangles or irritations to the delicate skin on the head. The choice of a suitable shampoo matters too. Get a product which answers the real needs of your scalp.

Mistake 3
You apply shampoo on the hair lengths too. 

Shampoos are made for cleansing the scalp. If we want to strengthen the hair, we need a conditioner or mask. Using shampoo on the lengths will do more harm than good. These products have different ingredients for a reason: shampoos aim at washing the scalp while conditioners and masks are to moisturize, repair and nourish the hair.

Mistake 4
You don’t use a conditioner.

This mistake is connected with the previous one. We can’t expect a shampoo to work wonders. If we want hair to be soft, shiny and smooth, we need an extra product like a mask or conditioner. We should use it every time we wash the hair – this way hair keeps healthy and lovely-looking. If you think you have no time for such treatments, choose a product that can be left in for just a minute or so. Beautiful hair is worth sparing a moment, isn’t it?

Mistake 5
You use hot water for rinsing.

Hot water is bad both for our hair and body. It makes hair roots oily fast and leaves hair ends dry. Use cool water for rinsing any products because it will make your hair much smoother and damage-free. You need to devote some time to rinsing because product residue may lead to dandruff or weigh hair down.

Mistake 6
You wrap a towel around the head after washing.

If you wrap the hair and scalp in a towel right after showering… you make another mistake. You create heat which results in hair getting oily faster and weaker hair follicles. A cotton t-shirt is a good alternative because it’s way more delicate so risk of mechanical damage is reduced.