How To Choose A Good Kit For Brow Lamination At Home? Check Out Our Ranking!

Eyebrow lamination is a popular beauty treatment that gives your eyebrows the definition, volume, and shape you dream of. You can get the treatment at a professional beauty salon, but nowadays there are kits that allow you to carry out DIY brow lamination at home by yourself. Does eyebrow lamination at home have to be difficult? Of course not! All you need is to get a proven kit for long-lasting brow lift and lamination. Use our ranking of the most recommended kits for brow lamination at home and discover how easy it is.

Best kit for brow lamination kit at home – how to choose one?

Especially for you, we have prepared some tips on how to choose a good kit for eyebrow lamination at home:

  1. Choose renowned brands – before you purchase your kit, make sure you choose a brow lamination kit from a reputable brand with good reviews in the beauty industry. Check the user reviews and feedback on other websites and online forums.
  2. Pay attention to the ingredients – make sure that the particular eyebrow lamination kit for home use contains natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin. Avoid products that contain aggressive chemical ingredients.
  3. Check the instruction manual – before choosing a good eyebrow lamination kit, make sure the instructions are easy to understand and simple to follow. Ideally, choose a brow lift kit that takes you through the brow lamination procedure on your own step by step.
  4. Make sure it includes all the necessary products – a good brow lamination kit should include all the necessary tools and solutions to perform eyebrow lamination at home easily.
  5. Attractive price – brow lamination kit prices vary depending on the brand or the number of products and tools. Check several options and choose the best brow lamination kit that is suitable for your budget.
  6. The durability of effects – check the reviews and make sure that the brow lamination kit you choose provides long-lasting laminated brow effects. The effects of the best eyebrow lamination kits should last 4-6 weeks.

Most recommended kits for brow lamination at home – beauty ranking

1. Nanobrow Lamination Kit

best brow lamination kit for home use

Price: attractive considering the quality
Contents: the necessary solutions and tools to perform brow lamination at home
Efficiency: 9.5/10
Where to buy it:, online and regular beauty stores, various marketplace platforms, beauty salons

If you are a fan of beautiful eyebrows and want to get the effect of professional eyebrow lamination without visiting a beauty salon, Nanobrow Lamination Kit for easy brow lamination at home will be the perfect solution for you. It’s a professional kit for long-lasting brow lamination you can perform at home, giving you the effect of perfecty lifted brows without having to spend a fortune at the beauty salon. This eyebrow lamination kit includes everything you need to easily perform DIY brow lamination at home. The complete Nanobrow Lamination Kit will give you up to 6 weeks of perfectly styled eyebrows. The efficient bottles last for about 10 individual treatments, saving you a lot of time and money. This innovative eyebrow lamination kit not only lifts brow hairs for weeks but also visually nourishes them so that the brows become flexible, easy to style, and naturally shiny. The easiest brow lamination at home? Only with Nanobrow’s brow lift kit!

2. RefectoCil BrowLamination Kit

Price: huge, considering the quality and efficiency
Contents: a complete kit for brow lift and lamination at home
Efficiency: 8.3/10
Where to buy it: you can find it online and in in-store drugstores

This kit for brow lamination at home costs a little fortune. Consumers often complain about the price, but it is still a popular choice for a DIY brow lift at home. It’s easy to use, and its packaging encourages you to test it out. This decent kit for long-lasting eyebrow lamination makes brow hairs flexible and more prone to styling. A special applicator facilitates giving them the right shape. Once the lamination process is complete, the eyebrows remain perfectly shaped, making them look thicker and shinier. That means up to 1.5 months of properly shaped eyebrows without worrying about their look. If you feel like it, you can complement the treatment with brow tint.

3. MIYA Lash Brow Lamination Kit

Price: good considering the quality and efficiency
Contents: all the essential tools and solutions for eyebrow lamination at home
Efficiency: 9/10
Where to buy it: in regular and online beauty stores

This at-home eyebrow lamination kit gives you a long-lasting lifted brow effect. Depending on the thickness and susceptibility of your arches, the effects last from 4 to 6 weeks. This kit for durable brow lift and lamination gives surprisingly natural and long-lasting results. The eyebrows become visually more defined, and shiny, without the need for styling products. This is a good eyebrow lamination kit for any woman who wants to achieve the effect of lifted and bushy eyebrows. In the package, you will find all the tools and solutions to make sure you can easily perform eyebrow lamination at home. This professional brow lift kit saves you time for daily brow care. It comes at quite a good price concerning its quality and efficiency.

4. Thuya Brow Lamination Kit

Price: quite pricey, not for every budget
Contents: all the solutions for eyebrow lamination at home but no accessories
Efficiency: 8.5/10
Where to buy it: in regular beauty stores, online, professional brow care stores

This kit for long-lasting brow lamination can turn unruly hairs into structured and naturally shiny ones for 4-6 weeks. The kit does not include the tools you need to perform brow lamination at home though. This kit for DIY brow lamination kit is enough for multiple individual treatments. The process of eyebrow lamination with this innovative brow lift kit is simple: just apply the product that shapes the eyebrows, then reach for the one that fixes them in the desired shape and strengthens their structure, and finally apply a moisturizing conditioner. The brow lamination treatment with this kit makes the eyebrows thicker, well-shaped, and properly regenerated. This is a good choice for any woman who wants to perform eyebrow lamination at home without spending a fortune at a beauty salon.

5. Ardell Brow Lamination Kit

Price: affordable
Contents: this brow lamination kit includes applicators and necessary tools and solutions to perform eyebrow lamination at home
Efficiency: 4/10
Where to buy it: this kit for DIY eyebrow lamination is available online and in in-store

An innovative brow lift and lamination kit that is quite affordable. Although you can not deny its performance, the kit is enough for only 3 individual treatments. This kit for long-lasting eyebrow lamination contains Brow Affix, Style Solution, Neutralizer, and Treatment Oil. The kit can be used up to three times to set the brows in place for up to 5 weeks with each application. This eyebrow lamination kit is dedicated to every woman who dreams of thicker, shinier eyebrows. This complete brow lift kit is suitable for owners of thin and sparse eyebrows, as well as for those who want to achieve a more defined and modern brow look.

How to prep the eyebrows for lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is designed to shape and tame brow hairs to make them look defined and elegant. To prepare your eyebrows for the lamination treatment, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Get rid of all makeup and debris from your eyebrows, using a micellar makeup remover. It’s important to wash your eyebrows with an oil-free product so that brow hairs soak up the eyebrow-laminating products well.
  2. Tweeze your eyebrows to get rid of unwanted brow hairs.
  3. Trim the hairs so they are the right length and shape. Then eyebrow lamination will give them a nice and even shape.
  4. Apply some conditioner or oil to your eyebrows to soften and regenerate brow hairs. It is worth waiting a while for the product to be absorbed into the hair structure. Nourished eyebrows will be more receptive to lamination.
  5. Apply the laminating solution on the eyebrows and spread it evenly along the arches. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure your brow lamination is sure to be successful.

Your eyebrows are ready for lamination. Follow the instructions for use, as different kits for brow lamination at home may work differently. Good luck!