Lashcode Mascara – Unveil the Quintessence of Your Femininity

he first make-up product that uncovers the true beauty of feminine look. Lashcode mascara works in two ways – defines eyelashes with an intensely-pigmented formula and beautifies from within thanks to the full set of conditioning substances.

Camouflaging imperfections is not the primary goal of make-up. Beauty products should aim to define and bring out the beauty that indwells every woman.

Amaze with the Spectacular Look

This was the aim that the creators of Lashcode had in mind. The conditioning mascara matches the needs of all women – the ones that desire a natural eye definition and the ones that prefer stronger make-up. Lashcode does not only thicken and lengthen but also delivers volume, curl and beautiful shape, caring for your health. No flaking, smudging or clumping.

Lashcode equals maximum durability and precise definition. Beautifully enhanced lashes are the effects influenced by two elements:

  • handy, silicone and aerodynamic spiral wand
  • velvety, intensely-pigmented black formula

Lashcode mascara looks fancy thanks to a matte tube. It lets you feel the luxury on your own lashes. The synchrony of velvety, perfectly coating formula and the precise, extremely flexible wand guarantees the flawless make-up. The intense blackness defines the depth of your look. The mascara truly thickens and extends each eyelash. The brush combs lashes for the natural and enhanced effect. The bristles of the spiral wand have different lengths, which lets you reach the hardest places and coat the shortest lashes for the full eye make-up.

Unveil Real Beauty

The essence of woman’s beauty hides in her eyes – natural, defined and sexy. One stroke of the wand leaves your eyelashes full and perfect. However, Lashcode is not a standard mascara. It works from within, bringing out the beauty of eyelashes. It is possible thanks to the sorption properties of lashes (the ability to absorb substance just like hair).

The mascara is composed of the set of conditioning ingredients; each of them supports eyelashes in a different way for the effect of amazing and fresh look – even after make-up removal:

  • Soy Sprout Extract – stimulates eyelash growth,
  • Wheat Sprout Extract – repairs and adds elasticity,
  • Baicalin – slows down eyelash ageing,
  • Panthenol – increases shine and smoothness, reinforces protection,
  • Vitamin E – works as an antioxidant,
  • Arginine – deeply moisturises and hinders falling out.

Lashcode is the one and only mascara that works in two ways for the maximum perfection in eye make-up. You can wear it every day without worrying about the weakening of eyelashes; the velvety formula nourishes them all the time you wear it. The mascara ensures the immediate shape and colour definition as well as long-term action, enhancing the natural beauty of lashes.

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