Oil vs Eyelash Serum – Which One is Better?

Choosing a lash care product might be a challenge. Which one works better – a natural oil or a professional eyelash serum?

Eyelashes need some support because, with the passing time, they lose their growth potential and get weaker, prone to damage and even start falling out in excess. To prevent their breakage, you must use the right products. Delivering vitamins and minerals is crucial – especially vitamins A and E, zinc, silicon, iron, biotin, other B vitamins and nutrients.

To be honest, there are two types of people. The first group goes for natural enhancement – oils. Others prefer modern and professional products such as eyelash serums. Both options have benefits as well as bad sides. Fancy knowing them?

Eyelash growth oil

A natural oil is a product that we like to use in hair, face and lash care routine. Why? We can choose between hundreds of oils which have different properties. They’re all-natural, free of preservatives and ideally work with our skin and hair. What’s more, some oils – like castor oil – promote faster lash growth (protecting, nourishing and adding shine at the same time).

Sadly, this solution has a few downsides. Mostly, it’s really difficult to apply oils to lashes. Oils are usually very thick so their application requires some preparation e.g. you need to get a clean mascara wand.

Eyelash growth serum

A professional eyelash serum is hands down better. Most of all, it poses much less trouble during application thanks to a thin, precise brush. It’s the best choice when you desire fast and sweeping effects. A high-quality serum doesn’t only deliver reinforcement, repair and moisture. It protects against harmful factors, prevents lash loss and breakage and stimulates growth. There are lots of benefits – maximum for our potential. Which ingredients make a lash serum so outstandingly effective? It’s as natural as oils. It’s usually rich in a full set of essential vitamins and minerals as well as oils or plant extracts. A serum goes along with the natural lash life cycle, therefore effects are visible after just a few weeks.

Do lash serums have any drawbacks? I guess the only one is having to remember about the regular use. In order to work, a serum must be applied every day before sleep, after a thorough makeup removal.