Proven ways on oily hair

Troublesome issue of many women is that their her tend to go greasy very quickly, and they have to wash hair much more often. Weighted by experiments hair, which will get use to everyday wash can start to go greasy even after several hours, so even in the evening of the same day. How to prevent that? How to limit the greasing of hair? Where to start?

The necessity of everyday wash is bothersome, because it takes lots of time. Too often hair wash can lead to scouring of nourishing ingredients, but having to walk around with greasy hair is also not so great, because it escalates hair loss problem. What to do in such situation? Start at the basics.

  • Firstly, you have to wean hair off everyday wash and you can accomplish that by not washing them for few days in a row. It is the worst stage in en entire process, but it’s necessary. This step is easiest to do during the weekend in which you have no plans. If you wash your hair in the Friday morning before work then you wash them again in Monday morning.
  • Secondly, make friends with CSC method. On still unwashed hair apply conditioner or hair mask and leave it on for several minutes. Then wash your hair with some gentle herbal shampoo without silicones, which won’t weight hair down. The most important is to thoroughly wash the scalp, because hair will be efficiently washed after foam flows down on them. Finally, administer another conditioner (this time without rinsing) or do the rinse to close cuticles of hair.
  • Thirdly, you shouldn’t sleep with loose hair. Besides, the fact that hair are liable to mechanical damages during the night, but they also tend to go greasy then. Pressed against the pillow or covered with warm duvet cause sweating. By tying hair in a bun over night it will feel more cool on head and the sebaceous glands work less intense.
  • Fourthly, it is worth to limit caring about good looks, if there is only a possibility for it. During free weekends or evenings in front of TV you don’t need to look impeccably, so tie hair in loose bun and gather them with a headband to limit greasing. You should also skip hair wash if it’s possible.