The Best Brow Pomade – Our Top Picks!

Which brow pomade is the best?
Which brow pomade to choose?
Which brow pomade do you recommend?
Are you also asking similar questions and still haven’t found the perfect eyebrow pomade for yourself? Don’t worry. We got you. We’ve tested a ton of different brow pomades to finally pick a winner and present you with the most worthy and eagerly recommended eyebrow pomades. Get to know them better and choose a pomade you’ll love!

How to use a brow pomade?

Before the application of the eyebrow pomade, make sure you’re equipped with a good angled brush and a spoolie for brushing your eyebrows. Some eyebrow pomades come with an included brush, but any professional makeup artist will recommend you get it separately to invest in top-quality.

  1. Using the spoolie, brush your eyebrows in an upward direction.
  2. Scoop a bit of pomade onto the brush and define the bottom brow line with short strokes.
  3. Move to the top brow line – define it, pressing the brush lightly against the skin. The top brow line should be delicate and slightly blended.
  4. Fill in the brow: starting from the tail, as it should be more strongly accentuated.
  5. Working your way towards the inner brow edge, decreasing coverage – this will allow you to create a nice brow shading effect.
  6. Then brush through your brows to remove any excess product. Done!

The best eyebrow pomade – beauty ranking


eyebrow pomade nanobrow

How to choose the best pomade? What makes this eyebrow pomade so eagerly recommended? Here are all the answers! Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade was selected after many tests. It met all, even very strict criteria. It is just perfect! Its extremely smooth and properly pigmented formula ensures you can build up the coverage, so you are no longer a slave of a bold brow look! This is the best eyebrow pomade for your daily makeup and creating evening looks – just add an extra pigment to intensify the effect. We were captivated by the 3 lovely shades. Finally, you no longer have to choose from dozen of shades and never be sure of your choice. Here, you can choose from 3 natural-looking shades – they are the ones most often chosen by women: that’s all it takes to achieve beautiful eyebrows! The pomade has a great formula that glides smoothly on the skin, turning your makeup into pure pleasure! In addition, it costs little for such top quality! For more info, go to


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is the best eyebrow pomade for those looking for strong coverage. It can definitely help you achieve a professional finish. The Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pomade helps you create bold evening looks. This pomade is highly pigmented to allow you to create bold looks with a great matte finish. You can also use it to outline your eyebrows or fill in sparse areas.
The formula of Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is thick and creamy. The product is available in lovely and natural-looking 11 shades. This waterproof brow pomade is a great choice for anyone looking for long-wear coverage. Does it have any drawbacks? It’s certainly not the best as your first brow pomade, but with a little practice, the results can be really impressive.


Tarte is another highly-respected beauty brand that has made quite a name for itself when it comes to brow makeup products. The brow pomade offered by the brand is highly pigmented, allowing you to create bold looks. This is an eagerly recommended eyebrow pomade, thanks to its vegan, creamy formula. Once you master the application of this product, you can easily create fabulous and precise makeup. The pomade instantly outlines, defines, and fills in your eyebrows whether you have thin or thick arches. Plus, it stays put for 24 hours! The formula with babassu oil nourishes and conditions your brows.


A product with a slightly different formula from the others listed here. This brow pomade is lightweight and gel-like yet strongly pigmented to provide long-wear effects with a small amount of a product and a slightly different coverage than regular brow pomades. The Kat Von D brow pomade is easy to apply and its creamy-gel formula and the variety of available shades make it a truly unique product. No wonder this is one of the most recommended eyebrow pomades. It’s great if you want to sculpt, fill in, and style your eyebrows. It’s an interesting combination of paste and gel in one formula.


Although this is not the best eyebrow pomade, many people value it, especially if they are fans of bold brow looks. Evening makeup? Yes, this pomade certainly makes it easier. The application is easy and after a few tries, you are sure to master it. The proper pigmentation of the WBco’s pomade makes it last for a long time while delivering the perfect color to highlight your eyebrows. The strong pigmentation enhances your brow color and delivers bold makeup effects. Just right for fans of bold brows and the ultimate brow definition. Unfortunately, although it’s a fairly frequently recommended eyebrow pomade, it has a very small size of only 3 grams and dries up quickly if used carelessly.