Time For Lash Lift And Lamination. What Is This Treatment And Why Should You Do It At Home With Nanolash Lift Kit?

How many coats of mascara do you need to apply to enjoy your long and visibly curled eyelashes? Every woman would answer that one coat is not enough. However, the condition of the eyelashes can be changed. All you need is an eyelash lift and lamination with Nanolash Lash Lift Kit. What is the lamination itself and how to perform it at home?

Lash lift and lamination – what are the biggest advantages of this treatment?

There is no denying that eyelash lift and lamination is an extremely popular treatment in beauty salons. The Nanolash brand decided to revolutionize the beauty market and meet the expectations of modern women. Nanolash Lash Lift Kit has recently been launched. This unique set will allow you to easily transform the appearance of your lashes.

However, it is worth considering why eyelash lift and lamination have become so popular. It turns out that this simple and non-invasive treatment can work real wonders. Through properly selected products applied to the eyelashes in the right order, you can:

  • lengthen the lashes – without the need for false lash extensions;
  • thicken them – without the need to apply extra mascara;
  • improve their condition in a few minutes – without using expensive conditioners.

The fact is that this treatment can cost a fortune in beauty salons. That is why it is worthwhile to carry it out in the comfort of your own home.

lash lift kit

What is the Nanolash Lash Lift Kit?

As previously mentioned, the Nanolash Lift Kit is designed to allow you to lift your eyelashes at home. The box contains 3 products, marked with numbers that determine the order in which they should be applied. The kit includes 10 sachets x 0.5-milliliter of each formula. In addition, there are also:

  • silicone rods to be fixed on the eyelid during lamination;
  • Lash Lift Glue – designed for fixing the rods;
  • other accessories necessary for the treatment.

An unquestionable advantage of the Nanolash Lash Lift Kit is that the products are based on a number of natural ingredients. The labels list such ingredients as:

avocado oil;
abyssinian oil;
coconut oil;
grape seed oil;
shea butter.

These ingredients are accompanied by a vitamin complex. Given this, at-home lash lamination also helps to protect the eyelashes from further damage, moisturizes them, and rebuilds their structure. In addition, every woman can also expect standard effects – longer, thicker, and curlier eyelashes.

lamination at home

At-home lash lift and lamination – can anyone try it?

There is no denying that the eyelash lift kit is associated mainly with professional beauty salons. This is due to the fact that the treatment was mainly carried out by experienced lash artist. However, the eyelash lift and lamination kit from Nanolash allows you to carry out this process in your own home. You need absolutely no experience. The key turns out to be the subsequent application of the products, as well as the thorough cleansing of the eyelashes before starting the whole process.

You also need to carefully separate the lashes – it’s best to do this with the help of eye pads, and then attach the rods in the chosen size (the Nanolash eyelash lift kit includes rods in 3 sizes from S to L). The next steps to achieve a spectacular effect are as follows:

  • apply each product to the separated lashes – they are numbered: Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3;
  • each product must be applied about 1 millimeter from the lash line and left on the lashes for about 7-10 minutes;
  • before applying the next product, the previous one must be removed with a dry or wet applicator.

The spectacular effects are noticeable right after removing the silicone rods. This is confirmed by women’s reviews posted online.

You should experience it for yourself though – test Nanolash Lash Lift Kit. Probably, you won’t be needing your eyelash curler again.